Energy Careers Come In Various Forms

By Kelley Wilson

There are many types of positions that one could apply for if they are interested in the various types of energy careers. These can be very rewarding types of paths to take.

There are positions in areas such as exploration and production, power and utility, refining and marketing, gas gathering, gas transporting, gas transportation, engineering, procurement, construction, service and equipment, chemical and petrochemical engineers, professional services, information technology, renewable energy, business management, financial analysts, energy specialists, program managers, transmission line workers, pipe fitters, customer service representatives, and many more positions.

Renewable energy careers are on the rise today. This is going to be the future of all types of power that is generated eventually. This is because each country must find a way to become self-sufficient and cut the dependency on foreign types of fuels, such as oil.

There is a tremendous amount of money and research being poured into these types of greener fuel sources today. This is definitely an area that will continue to grow into the next generation and on. There are even schools forming now that are entirely dedicated to green technology and preparing their students for renewable energy careers.

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Positions for energy careers can also include communications degrees, community education, marketing support, human resources and law degrees. All of these will be necessary for the upcoming rise of the greener, eco-friendly jobs of the future.

Solar power, wind power, biofuels and renewable fuel sources are all areas that will become potential energy careers for many of todays children. As technology continues to evolve and innovative processes become more than just ideas, these positions will need to be filled by people who have the training and expertise to make these organizations and businesses that focus on alternative fuel types a success. Biofuels will require the assistance of positions such as agricultural specialists, chemists, microbiologists and biochemists.

Geothermal power is another area that is gaining a lot of ground as well. This is another emerging science that will be in great need of trained professionals.

They will help with making it accessible to everyone in an effort to make the transformation complete from other types of power that are used today which burn fossils fuels and emit toxins into the atmosphere. There will be a need in this area for geophysicists, geochemists, geologists, engineers and professional drillers.

Hydropower is another area that will be increasing in the years to come and again will need professionals to be able to man and operate the facilities needed to make power in the future. In this field there will be a need for biologists, hydrologists and ecologists, as well as wildlife habitat specialists.

There will be a plethora of environmental type jobs and positions that will need to be filled in the future. Just as medical positions are now almost a guarantee that the individual holding them will find a job; this will also become a fact with those who hold degrees in environmental and renewable resource fuel development. There will be opportunities for this generation that did not exist beforehand, and this is good news.

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