A Cure For Age Spots

By Elisa Cruz

For many individuals, the elements around them can get the best of their skin over time. Most individuals will see some form of skin damage eventually in their life and when it comes to sun damage, the best treatment is prevention. By wearing sunscreen and preventing excessive exposure to the sun, it is possible to help prevent lasting skin damage.

Some of the most prevalent symptoms of the elements are age spots, caused by lifelong exposure to the sun. Overtime melanin in the skin can begin to cluster and form marks on the skin that do not fade. These marks are generally harmless though they can obviously be a sign that your skin has received a little too much attention from the sun. With this comes the risk of skin cancer. It is important to be aware of this link and to be proactive in getting your skin thoroughly examined for any suspicious marks, moles, or discolorations. Age spots may be harmless on their own but many people dont find them aesthetically pleasing. There are options for removal that can be discussed with a skin care professional.

When looking to shed top layers of skin to eliminate various types of skin discolorations, there are a few basic options. There are creams, peels, lasers, and more recently, light. Creams are meant to bleach age spots, eliminating them in time with hydroquinone and other acids which promote the shedding of dark spots. They are not always effective and their effectiveness often depends on the spots, their color, and the skin type. They also can cause swelling and redness as side effects on sensitive skin. They generally take longer to work as well, requiring a number of treatments.

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Chemical peels generally also use acids of various kinds to eliminate discolorations, spots, and fine lines on the skin. Peels are generally effective after a number of treatments depending on the severity of the discoloration. Chemical peels are usually pretty non-invasive and can be performed in little time. Laser treatments usually burn of the top layer of skin and scabbing can be expected as the skin heals. Some lasers are considered very effective in rejuvenating the skin to its most radiant state possible. Laser treatment for age spots can be quite expensive however, costing thousands of dollars at a time depending on the size of the areas treated. Laser treatment generally works within one treatment however, and may last up to five years with good sun protection.

Intense pulsed light therapy is another option for those looking to rid themselves of age spots. The light does not damage the outermost skin layer making recover time shorter. Yet a number of treatments are usually required to receive viable results. This light therapy has been shown to remove all types of skin discolorations and conditions from below and may last for about a year with proper skin protection. As always, it is important to ask questions and to be realistic with your expectations. Be aware of your skin and help to prevent damage in the first place by wearing sun screen and avoiding prolonged sun exposure.

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